Although this method only works because the reaction of the winding changes as a function of the speed due to the induced voltage, the directly measured values can be readily measured even at low speeds. Click the Remove attribute button. You will find the instructions here. With “external rotor motors” the stator is located on the inside and the rotor consists of an externally rotating bell-shaped housing in which the magnets are mounted. The rotor position required for control, or the field angle, can be established using either a rotary encoder or a sensorless method, which is described below.

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Click the Add attribute button. Here, “permanent magnet” nantec used to distinguish itself from other synchronous motors that operate with a field winding on nanoted rotor, whereas the BLDC is permanently energized.

The stator is made up of thin, mutually offset insulated metal plates in order to keep the eddy current losses to a minimum. Still today, Nanotec focuses heavily on research and development to create drive solutions that closely meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

It is possible to switch automatically to open loop mode for lower speeds and for positioning purposes.

Within the legend and for each motor you can: However, its accuracy decreases with the speed, and the achievable torque drops as well. The Nanotec holding brakes have a compact flange design and asbestos-free friction linings. Select the attribute and click Add attribute. No, stay on site OK. Please wait while productfinder is loading This also applies to systems that do not implement “true” sensorless control but only have a blocking detection mechanism or a simplified control that reduces the rated motor current as a function of load.


The core of this type of system is an extremely precise model of the motor that, in parallel with the actual motor, calculates from the known input values, such as the set PWM, those values which are also measured, such as the current level in the winding. The virtual encoder value, in contrast, is continuous and constant. Click on the attribute name in order to sort in ascending or descending order.

As with this method, the back-EMF does not have to be directly measured, it can also be combined with sine commutation or the field oriented control. Similar to a stepper motor, the motor is operated in the controlled mode for several commutation cycles until it has attained the required speed and the sensorless measurement can determine a rotor position.

Brushless DC Motors

This design type is especially important for motors with a diameter of less than 40 mm, as their power density is significantly higher than that of slotted motors.

Depending on nannotec motor type, the speed and positioning information is obtained between and rpm.

In principle, stepper motors are mathematically similar to BLDC motors, but have only two instead of the usual three phases of the BLDC and also exhibit some special features in the model at higher speeds because of the higher pole count. Select the attribute and click Add attribute.


The type of drive controller is distinguished in two ways: As a rule, if only Hall sensors are available for determining the rotor position, the sine commutation can also be used by interpolating between the switching points.

Solid torque curves represent thrust, and dashed torque curves represent output power.

The sensorless algorithm is able to detect the accuracy with which the speed is currently being estimated. They will appear as only one curve. Alternatively, you can also view Combined with the more favorable price of a stepper motor system, closed loop stepper motors are an economical alternative to servo systems.

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Open the attribute in the Filter. Please wait while productfinder is loading Use more attributes to filter and to find nantec right combination for your requirements. Together with an encoder, BLDC motors can also be used in applications requiring precise positioning. The rotor position can be easily determined through Hall sensors in the motor. Nanotec Products Stepper Motors. To have the full featured product finder experience, nanktec activate JavaScript in your browser.

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