The variations in Flextights come in the larger models not the Photo or Your name or email address: You’ll need a computer that’s about the same age as the scanner for scsi and scanning software. Recently I saw an Imacon Flextight Photo scanner for sale, costing about the same as a new Epson V here in my country. Universitas Terre Threntiae Posts: Almost all Flextights, though, max out at dpi for 60mm-wide and film, as well as double strips of 35mm. All of this is generally consistent with more casual comparisons between the and the Nikon.

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Sometimes in the middle of a scan, sometimes when standing idle, sometimes when preparing a scan.

Are there independent workshops here in Scandinavia that service these scanners? Just ask them, they are very kind.

For most purposes, the Flextight is an easier choice for loading, though not cheap when you have more than the stock holders. Also, keep in mind that I downsampled the Minolta scan to match the resolution of the Imacon for a fair comparison, so actually the Minolta stands fldxtight even more in reality.

Imacon Flextight 343 versus Nikon LS 8000 / 9000

I plan to do some more testing with overexposed TMY and some older, denser negatives on things like Verichrome Pan. As the Hasselblad has a reliable FireWire computer connection, you can save the digitized moments of your life with little effort. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Much less in the Imacon.


Never seen ’em before. These have a zoom assembly on the lens that redeploys the CCD pixels to a smaller film width to give 5, dpi or more on 35mm film. All times are GMT Unless you fleextight sell me yours? Luckily, if that happens with the Nikon or Polaroid, you can just get a 3mm AN glass from Focal Point in Florida and use that instead of the top cover.

There are three major aspects to durability.

For sale my Imacon Flextight film Scanner & Mac mini | IMACON | Flickr

The variations in Flextights come in the larger flexgight not the Photo or They were pointed out to me when I visited the seller. I got a 6×12 holder to scan 4×5 films in two scans-works well.

So if anyone can shed a light on this issue, I’d be much obliged But the intermittent switching-off slows my work down quite a bit. Originally Posted by Merlijn Page 1 of 2.

Imacon Flextight – film scanner – desktop – FireWire Overview – CNET

Downloaded the manual just now from this link and will shortly be registering at the Hasselblad website to download the ColorFlex software for Mac for it. Gewoon onder “adaptec mac”. Enough for medium format but not for 35mm. My Flextight II stopped working: I have another mac as a bacup as there is no spares available for the old mack at least in Finland The only spare part fleztight Flextight needs is the light tubes, that are still available from fluorescent tube dealers.


Imacon Flextight [343]: odi et amo

Ijacon discovered it when I scanned the same bit of film twice, and tried to register the image in photoshop, only to find it wasn’t that simple. Where a scanner autofocuses, it focuses on the middle of the negative, not the edges that may sit lower or higher compared to the focus point.

Sort of a purposely loaded setup comparison to make the Minolta look as good as possible with this person’s product. Actually holds film flatter anyway. Save on Scanners Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

Originally Posted by brbo Yes, but if you pay attention you can see that info from the thread you linked is older than that from Rangefinderfreak Sept.

I have done side by side tests of an Imacon IV better than a and my and there is not much in it – the is slightly sharper and the IV has slightly different shadow representation different not better The big advantage of the is ICE dust removal. Hi, I’am wondering a very long time which scanner to buy.