First time it happened was yesterday but I troubleshooted it via thenetwork diagnostics tool and it fixed the problem and it worked fine. Here are the values: I believe they had a kind of production issue. Bought Lenevo Yoga a month ago and now have started the intermittent disconnection issue. One user in the now 37 page-long Lenovo support thread regarding the U and U WiFi issues shares the following:. If you compare it to another brand new ultrabook with a better wireless adapter, the speed is worse. And I agree with the above comments.

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See our Sustainability Report. Moderator Note; please refrain from bumping threads inside of 3 days. I use only with wirsless network cable, so my wlan is turned off. Post the upgrade, I am having trouble with my wi-fi.

Wireless Connection – Lenovo IdeaPad U User Manual [Page 31]

This happens even when I am sitting next to the router. Did it have the ideqpad issue? Well anyways, I still need help! I will never buy from Lenovo again. My new Lenovo U has just been ordered online Mediamarkt, the Netherlands and is on the way.


Lenovo Acknowledges U310/U410 WiFi Issues, Still Appears to be Selling Faulty Units

Some of the threads were started over a year ago without any resolution. My Lenovo Thinkpads are only somewhat better if at all than iseapad business notebooks available today. As an update to my Jan. The computer can see the network but keep trying to connect to WIFI. The network adapter troubleshooter says the wi-fi capability is not turned on.

Keep hearing the message that someone will answer the phone, but no one ever picked up the phone. I always tried many other solutions but none have work.

And compared to an older macbook pro, the internet speed is MUCH better. In reply to IshaanPuri’s post on December 1, I actually sent my U back for warranty repairs for this problem about two weeks ago and it came back from Lenovo with the exact same problem. I have tried to do what you said many times.

Really pathetic after sales service from a tech giant like Lenovo. I’m assuming you have Windows 8 installed. In your first post you wrote: Uninstall, reinstall, tweak settings, try again.

If you did, I imagine that you had to install some type of driver, or software, to use the USB wireless dongle.


My thinking is, if you didn’t use that remove routine, maybe your system still thinks that the USB wireless is being used, even though you took out the dongle. Every few seconds it resets the wifi connection.

Does anyone have tips for me how to resolve it? This is just unacceptable. Also, I might be interested in purchasing your unit if you are interested in selling it.

Lenovo IdeaPad U410 User Manual: Wireless Connection

As a result, we extensively tested sample U and U models and a design update was implemented to ensure a more consistent wireless performance in all customer environments. Under “Wifi”, slide the slider to “on” position. I wish you speedy and complete repairs.

Got 2 questions still: Message 1 of Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.