Yes I agree completely and the tones are much better than Guitar port and with less noise. Don’t know about Guitar Port but its a pretty same. I can set up to hear groove agent using the low latency driver and I can change the driver from this to guitar port to hear the guitar but what I can’t do is hear groove agent AND the guitar at the same time. I also bought a Beheringer Guitar Link as an input device for my laptop and am frustrated with it. Guitar rig can even smash a line 6 POD XT pro in sound quality, so, IMHO, if you can buy an audiophile, it’s a much more complete option since you get also good outputs with lower latency, and probably a much better input quality than guitar port, at least if you buy a good DI. What I found is that many audio interface manufacturers have a multi client built in in their ASIO drivers, so look for those specific interfaces if you want an easy solution. Line 6 has announced Helix Native, a software guitar processor that offers exactly the same authentic amp and effects modeling as the original.

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All goes well with it.

Guitarpory anyone advise me on a way to have the two working simultaneously? It’s convoluted, but provided I have an amp, it works. You do that on the audio tab of the preferences dialog right? THe mixer outputs from that run into the analogue inputs to my souncard an emu another whole ballgame BTW I just select 1 channel in – so record in mono – the emu patchmix allows me to do this- but don’t ask me to remember how!!


Using “Guitar Port” as DI for “Guitar Rig” | NI Community Forum

TheNoizeDec 5, The key to all of this was in the first post, xsio said he had a sigmatel guktarport. I thought I would try disabling the Sigma-tel and try the ASIO driver but it doesn’t seem to be an option I’m really getting frustated with this but I like the sounds and convenience. In there you should see an entry for the Sigma Tel.

I can set up to hear groove agent using the low latency driver and I can change the driver from this to guitar port to hear the guitar but what I can’t do is hear groove agent AND the guitar at the same time. My on board laptop sound card sucked.

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The developer died a few month ago and now it’s impossible to purchasse the full version. I am assuming you are pretty certain you have followed the instructions on installing the GuitarPort softerware asii drivers.

This will play the dry signal only, thus allowing you to apply effects.

Before purchasing the TonePort plugin functionality, I would HIGHLY recommend trying the effects included with Reaper, as well as the free simulanalog guitar suite and free voxengo boogex. I think I know where is the issue. If everything is okay there, the LED on the audio interface should be glowing. Audio out goes into channel guitarpory in a small behringer mixer I use. The most popular versions guitadport this product among our.

Not sure why this is different. Its just that getting rid of it is not as easy as it seems like it should be. I’ve tried this with both MiniHost and Chainer loaded guitarprt a synth and it works perfectly.


Find More Posts by Patch Not working yet Guitar port is hooked up through usb, I know how to use it and how to use gearbox.

The answer depends a good deal on your operating system and precise setup, but you should be able to do this purely via software. From your reply it sounds like I need to switch the driver over from ASIO to guitar port, then attaching headphones or monitors to the guitar port will allow me to hear the drum track I’ve created in cubase as well as the guitar I have plugged in to guitar port?

TheNoizeDec 7, Select Toneport as audio hardware. From what you have described, it seems that something has become corrupted in your system. First open GuitarPort software. Sign up using Facebook.

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According to the Line6 Linux asioo, you can set monitoring, eg. I have found these three capable of emulating any tone I desire. Well then it’s a really nice option, I guess All in ASIO mode. Alreay tried, But windows defender detected a virus. Find More Posts by bardo.