Log in or register to post comments. Thank you , Dale Qiao for replying But I’ve searched and found some solutions ; I’ve tested them and solved my problem Actually , I disabled the digital signing! OK, still using the portableapps versions and can state the following: I was looking at Process Hacker Portable , and went to Process Hackers main site and noticed that at the bottom it says The ReactOS Foundation has very kindly signed the driver, so it works on bit systems. I would understand encrypting disk C!! Someone in contact with Sarah? Best encryption system I’ve seen so far!

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To use the BCDEdit tool to enable the boot configuration test-signing option.

Find someone prepared to finance buying a digital certificate circa EUR for three years?!! A Run dialog box will appear.

FreeOTFE and 64 bit W7 driver signing problem

Office Office Exchange Server. I need encryption software mostly to create a virtual volume from which i want to run my portable applications.

Create new account Request new password. Wednesday, September 15, 4: January 26, – 5: If volumes are marked read-only when opened you can’t copy to, change or delete anything on it without changing volume from read-only first, even through Windows Explorer.


See the program FAQ about this unsigbed and work-around at http: February 12, – Anyway, disregarding that “rerun problem”, I see no reason why these programs don’t get official?!

[Solved] Windows requires a digitally signed driver – Driver Easy

At the moment, we can’t consider this for official release as the drivers are unsigned. I’ve tried two different apps: I think there must be a solution from ourselves to help to sign a 64bit driver. Sunday, September 12, 8: I’ve tried fourth method and it worked http: SafeHouse Explorer can’t handle large files – it just eats up all free memory and then hangs. Added Russian language translation. To use it as it is designed you need the driver to mount encrypted volumes In order to protect its revenue streams generated by DRM protected content, Microsoft saw fit to require all drivers running under the 64 bit x64 version of Windows Vista and Windows 7 be digitally signed by Microsoft’s root certificate.

It’s pretty secure, adn offers significantly more options than truecrypt. Could that have caused the problem?

Windows requires a digitally signed driver !!

Less than half had been copied. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. I’m prepared to admit when I’m wrong. However, each driver image file must windowws a digital signature.


If that is the problem, you can easily temporarily or permanently turn off that option on your system, by following the directions at FreeOTFE installation guideor if it’s a simpler matter, check if you need to follow this simple step.

There are multi-year discounts and the fee varies from one provider to another. Well, I’m sorry again for the 4GB misunderstanding, it was my FAT formatted flash drive that couldn’t store a bigger volume file I hope I understood it right windoss time. So the installed driver files in the system32 were also encrypted.

Works fine for me You have to login in order to post comments. Skip to main content. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. Thank youDale Qiao for replying But I’ve searched and found some solutions ; I’ve tested them and solved my problem ActuallyI disabled the digital signing!