Bob Sorel is offline. We are very glad that the final product is now available with a very competitive MSRP. The driver setup wizard will analyze your computer and will install the right driver. We are aware of the HD Audio which sounds promising. Connection with external device – Waveterminal L Caution: Right now, we are just at the beginning of this development – in the future, there will be less and less DSP based products in the audio market and native processing solutions will get even more important. Config — Mouse Wheel Mouse Wheel will control the mouse wheel adjustment.

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Buffer size can be set in drivers.

We do plan to design a variety of rack casings to give our users more connection possibilities, both for the consumer and professional music markets.

You can connect two cards using 2 pin sync cable of Waveterminal L. Working in Professional Applications No surprises here. Depend on your operating system, you may need Windows install CD. But hi-end audio PC users RCA jacks are a curtsy to themwho use their computers solely for high quality playback and who do not care about ADC, have a reason to pause — is the DAC comparable with the level of the rest of the sound playback section?


Many professionals are also buying higher spec hardware because they understand that higher spec hardware also works better even when working with lower samplerates.

Go through the driver setup wizard, which will guide you; it should be quite waceterminal to follow. You can adjust level or select Phantom power.

The plug to Microphone is XLR. Engineers made the most of the existing converters. The digital recording capability constantly progressed from This is another reason not to use balance connection needlessly.

It is as simple as that to install a Windows driver!

ESI Waveterminal 192X

In this case, you should adjust level using this fader. The plug to external mixer or other devices is 2 x TRS mono phone plug. Level fader You can adjust level of MIC input. MIC input is Balanced type input.

New formats such as DVD audio or video or SACD even require higher sample-rates in the production process; so many professionals are working with 96kHz or even kHz already.

Taking into account its price and professional orientation, we found no drawbacks in this card. In the loopback mode when the output and the input of the card are connected there is no such drawback, thus we have some disalignment in the operation of balance interfaces in this specific device combo. You cannot use MIC input and Line input at the same time. Remove the computer cover. The Waveterminal X Control Panel is built for easy to use.


Waveterminal X and L have similar features, functions, shape and also same installing process. Many users ask us to test not only the quality of linear output, but that of the linear input as well. The Waveterminal L Control Panel is built for easy to use. ESI Juli control panel is easy and clear. Choose Install from a list or specific location and click next.

Config — Latency This will decide the latency of the Waveterminal L.

ESI – Product Archive: Waveterminal X

You can configure the adjustment steps to your preference. Jul 10 We are aware of the HD Audio which sounds promising. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser.

Motherboard with Intel series chipsets BX, and so on 3.