Can you pull it out? Since the spacing on the screen makes it hard to tell if it’s just running win. This isn’t a TSR, unless you want the card to do General Midi or the likes under DOS you specify different options to do that – it simply sets up the card and then terminates. It could also be a bunch of other things, Windows 98 was quite fragile. Anyone remember how to fix Windows 98? Wed Aug 23, 5:

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Then – try ctcm and diagnose again.

Can’t count how many times I did that back in my Win98SE days. This site hosts no abandonware. If the DOS game installation put something in your config.

Mar 2, Posts: Return to General Old Hardware. Who is online Users browsing this forum: So far, Haven’t found anything strange in config. Mon Aug 21, 2: I used the driver that was in the sound blaster driver awe4 uploaded by a member here on the forums.


Suspicious Activity Detected

I’ve only run a single pass of it for years as only a gross check just to see if I should risk corrupting a boot awwe64 Windows to run Prime Mon Aug 21, 9: Mon Aug 21, 1: Today it actually powered off at the Windows splash screen, which I thought was extremely weird.

That’s a start, but is missing a few settings.

The Egg Minister of Gerbil Affairs. Feb 4, Posts: Scandisk found no file system errors, and a virus scan came up clean. Thu May 10, 3: And if you don’t have a backup, this time take your clean install and blind copy it to a backup location.

The AWE64 resources in the device manager read Code: Any idea how I can fix this? There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Sun Aug 27, 8: Try playing around with ancient SB 16 settings. Troubleshooting the specific problem could be quite tedious.


You might try here http: I need to know the config. Board index All times are UTC. Best case scenario is something wrong in qin98. Anyone remember how to fix Windows 98? All of my written content here on TR does not represent or reflect the views of my employer or any reasonable human being.

Anyone here running Win9x with an SB AWE32 or AWE64, I need some info – Ars Technica OpenForum

If you have, and are more comfortable with, DOS boot media then obviously you can do stuff with that. Board index Software Windows.

Maybe just try a force Windows hardware resource change for the AWE64’s resources.