The Bob Campbell wrote: I know that’s how it should be. RME products are built to last and use top-quality components etc, but with bad drivers the FF is no more than a pretty brick. How does this go with your quote from NI above? Anyway, here is a link to Cantabile http:

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Don’t have Logic 5 here, sorry. Lack of bug report does not mean there are no bugs!

ASIO multiclient not working properly (Page 1) — FireWire & USB series — RME User Forum

Let’s wait for that ASIO multiclient not working properly Manuel wrote: There is nothing there asjo there is a problem with Live and Windows 10 that I can find. Now using the 2. Don’t move the brick. Mail or call me, then we’ll try to find out what causes this.

Same for Sound Forge, etc, etc. Please put the MME feature back in. As usual, RME offer a host of sophisticated features and characteristics with the fastest Firewire technology. To answer your qestions, daniel. This IMHO is a masterpiece of engineering! I found that often I had to re-assert the audio settings within the application that could not be heard in order to wake up the ASIO driver, as if it had to be made aware that the application that could not be heard was trying to use the driver.


Who or what were the beneficiaries? Pages 1 2 3 Next You must login or register to post a reply. If it’s not working on your computer, it’s definetly not because the drivers are bad.

They weren’t when I posted and not now either. This can not be compared to what the driver does. I come to the conclusion that using firewire for interfaces is far away from a professional and reliable pci solution.

The included switching power supply accepts voltages from to V, thus can be operated all over the world. On the other hand the fireface has such a clean crispy sound that it would be truely sad to give it back. There are more Fireface users than Fireface users 2. This is particularly annoying, because I like to play my softsynths along with some mp3s, and with Fireface I just can’t!!!

I firefqce the problems might be specific to my system, so will try the fireface on another computer when I get a chance.


FireWire & USB

Or is there some sort of Sonar or Mac compatibility issue that drove this policy? I tested Cubase and Samplitude. No problems at all. The Settings dialog includes a direct choice of the video and audio world’s most often used sample rates.

If the application were going to try and hog all available channels anyway, then why would Native Instruments have bothered to provide users with the option of enabling and disabling channels in their software?

Some times Reason would be heard but not Cubase. Yes, the Fireface was configured. Up to 9 totally independent stereo sub-mixes simply mean unrivalled monitoring facilities.

Stand-alone mode is useful if you want to play the softsynths live, which is my case. I guess that’s the problem: