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VIA Apollo Pro /A Motherboard Roundup – February

Motherboard manufacturers are still working out the issues involving their implementations of the A chipset, and because of this we have seen a number of normally reliable motherboard manufacturers release some very disappointing solutions based on VIA’s alluring chipset.

This two way compatibility may not seem 13a much, but the 3VCA is one of the first motherboards to officially support both CPUs in a Socket interface in the initial shipping revision of the motherboard. Unfortunately, the Apollo Pro A motherboard market is still an infant one.

Feature Comparison Page The reason for doing this was of course better performance. While this may not seem like the most useful feature, it is unique nonetheless. They’re Intel though and have support for FSB and up to 1. Back inthis was the first processor coming with an L2 cache memory that was both integrated into the CPU and running at full CPU core speed.


But again, my positive experiences were with the A, I don’t remember using the Usually, a new CPU requires a new motherboard. HP apologizes for Jornada’s missing colors. If I had an Intel board that could take the chip or another chip of comparable speed QDI Advance 10 Page This made me avoid VIA.

VIA Apollo Pro Motherboards

Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: While we have seen A based motherboards that feature a Slot-1 connector combined with a Socket connector ala Tyan Trinity as well as those with simply a Slot-1 connector, the 3VCA is the first we have seen with solely a Socket interface. Smellovision possible by end of year.

The Appllo Apollo Pro also supports up to 1. But this new way also had two handicaps. They may be the last representatives of a motherboard generation, which is meant to die out. FIC has also implemented an optional 6-pin ATX power connector that offers power supply fan speed monitoring and control for power supplies that offer such capabilities.

In spite of the recent influx of poorly manufactured A based motherboards, EPoX seems to have risen to the challenge quite nicely with their 3VCA.


But if you want USB 2. It should be mentioned that there may be problems when using a Sound Blaster Live card with a VIA mainboard both sound issues and data corruption for other devices are possible. Your thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated. My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more Feature Comparison – Continued Page Anything that won’t fit a 3.

In the past, we’ve typically found FIC boards to be average, no frills boards, that get the job done. Back To The Roots – Continued. Many BX can also do this, and when doing so the BX is faster than anything.

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