Put all these latest ingredients together and you can easily see that the AMD Sempron processor is something that’s worth a second look as it does come with a pretty good value proposition. The majority of Semprons, right now, are renamed Athlon XP processors with new model numbers and a slightly different mix of clock and bus speeds. As for why AMD decided not to reuse the Duron name, all I can say is that the intricacies of product branding strategies escape me. On a more serio But a quick search in our trusted Latin dictionary came up with the word “Semper”, which in Latin means “always”. Professional processor-enhancement technology plus an integrated DDR II memory controller make this 1.

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Also, the Socket Sempron’s HyperTransport link officially peaks out at 1. Of course, those who loves the fragrant some say stinking Durian a tropical fruit found in South East Asia would find themselves easily identifying with the Duron too.

The point isn’t to beat the sempronttm guy’s product at any cost; it’s a high-wire act in which the performers must balance beating the other guy’s performance against the possibility of cannibalizing sales of one’s own more expensive products. Sempron is largely a branding exercise, so the name is important. However, AMD has shed off the Duron brand and came up with yet another innovative naming although we were all quite puzzled as to the true meaning of the word – at least when we first heard it.

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AMD Sempron 3100+

AMD Ryzen 7 X 3. Yep, that’s the name: But a quick search in our trusted Latin dictionary came up with the word “Semper”, which in Latin means “always”. I’ll semprontk it to the branding gurus in AMD marketing to explain why they didn’t just go ahead and riff on Intel’s new three-digit numbering scheme. Professional processor-enhancement technology plus an integrated DDR II memory controller make this 1.

The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. The Sempron name is intended to evoke phrases like “semper fidelis” and other such tokens of solidity and steadfastness. It shares the A64’s unique system architecture, in which the aemprontm controller is integrated onto the CPU and high-speed HyperTransport links connect the processor to the rest of the system.

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About this product Product Information Exhibiting laudable processod whilst running crucial business as well as home applications, the AMD Sempron processor helps you do more in less time. Roughly translated from a mix of Latin and leet-speak, though, Sempron means “always pornographic,” and I fear the little CPU will never fully escape that connotation of its recently fabricated moniker.

Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without procrssor throwing Customize The Tech Report Intel Core iK – 3.

At the high end of the market, we get to witness an epic struggle between AMD and Intel’s best processors for all-out supremacy, but in the value realm, we witness something rather different.

Intel Core iK 5. While some users actually associated it with the name of a company that makes contraceptives, retailers in Singapore actually had an even vulgar version of the name which when spoken in the Chinese Hokkien dialect would literally mean ‘pissed’.


Skip to main content. Beyond the bus speed tweak and name change, the Semprons get a new model numbering scheme that’s shh, don’t tell obviously indexed against smprontm clock speeds of competing Celeron models.

You may also like. It features the HT technology for boosted performance and capability, K cache for burstable high-performance, and potent bus speed running at MHz. Intel Core i5 i Hexa-core 6 Core 3.

AMD’s Sempron + and + processors – The Tech Report – Page 1

However, with the introduction of the Athlon 64 processor, the Duron started to fade away. So, fast forward to this day and we still have Intel sticking to the Celeron name, which we believe is not so bad, considering that ‘celery’ is, after all, part of an important food group. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Though names like Celeron were often associated with a kind of vegetable that not many would have the tastebuds to appreciate, AMD’s Duron processor had an even worse reaction among users.

LG HU85L projector needs semrpontm two inches to cast a 90″ picture.