A Reddit Guide For Beginners. Again, the ball came off the clubface quickly, but this time with a slightly higher trajectory, as expected with the additional loft. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The combination of black shaft and charcoal black driver head makes you want to rip the G25 from the first swing. I love it, but I want to increase the loft by a half degree which closes the face a little bit.

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Rising Irons Lofts Over the past twenty years the So I have been unscrewing the screw with the provided torque wrench until it has disengaged from the shaft.

The TFC D is available in five different flexes: For example, ping has decided to move the center of gravity in this driver lower and farther back. Posted 5 months ago 0.

Ping G25 Golf Driver Review

Not sure what’s happening to yours but you might want to take it to a ping authorized reseller. And, while PING continues to keep most of its consumer traction from its putters and irons, here’s a word of advice: Thanks for sharing this information Thus, the only variable specification is the loft of the driver.


By James Langmead on April 13, Remember, while we review the information on the product ourselves and give it to you, we also pull together as many reviews as possible from other golf websites, golf magazines and golf advertisements. The ball leaves a mark on adusting face which can be wiped off, you know each time weather your gg25 out of the middle.

Hi My husband says his much loved waterpr Posted 2 years ago 4. The opposite occurs when lowering the loft. Hate to start a new thread on this but I love it, but I want to increase the loft by a half degree which closes the face a little bit.

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PING G25 + / – settings – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. San Antonio, TX Handicap: Posted 4 months ago 0. To start off, there are a few constants among the specifications.

The G25’s feel is solid and its sound is good, whether I was trying to draw the ball, hit it straight or hit a fade. Posted 12 months ago 0. Still, the club received a Hot List Goal rating.


We Tried It: Ping G25

Posted 17 July – I had the same problem with mine. Conclusion The Ping G25 Driver, much like its predecessors, sounds like a great driver for game improvement or for any golfer who wants improved forgiveness and accuracy off of the tee.

In fact, with its black color and sleek lines, the G25 is one of the better-looking drivers on the market. I use the G25 12 degree driver this year and its the first real driver ive bought and its a beauty, easy to swing and Png have found ive hit straghter and out of the middle of the face.

We Tried It: Ping G25 – Golf Tips Magazine

Their driver is RocketBallz. The Ping G25 Driver is available in lofts of 8. It is firmer in texture, which helps to control direction, and has a softer texture in the lower portion of the shaft for better feel. Posted 2 years ago 7.