Back of the lower legs has an indentation just under the calf that extends to down to the ankle. Igniter has some copper coloring. Vest has piping on the seams of the neck, shoulder and arm openings. Good thing I got it on discount. Power setting adjuster detail lever is metal or gun metal grey.

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Lower Leg Armor Armor is painted matte or satin white. This costume cannot be approved at the local level by your GML.

AT-RT driver | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described below. Sniper Scope attached under rifle in storage position. Well in comparison to the scale they shoulda been, so I took the st of deconstructing them, and making them more to scale, here’s the result.

Functioning Blue LED is installed in barrel. Sign in Already have an account? The ring is half the width of the belt see below in diameter.

AT-RT driver

Back and Chest-plate match together at the sides with no open gap, just a seam line. At bottom of tank, on either side, is a round ring representing the rr port.


On the strap, positioned over the right breast, are four bullets, half the width of the landmine in length, side by side.

Sniper scope is metal or gun metal grey. Gloves cover any exposed skin.

Bottom rear of the thigh has a indentation. Gloves do not show any labels or logos when the armor is worn. Sides and face are covered with tan leather or similar material. The bullets 510st slightly longer than the belt is wide.

Thank you, it’s a mix from the set and parts I already had. This CRL is a work in progress. Attached to the back armor is a tank.

LEGO IDEAS – Product Ideas – st AT-RT (All Terrian-Recon Transportation)

No visible traces of how the armor was assembled are shown. The bottom line is smaller than the two above. Abdomen armor is cut just above the fourth Ab-Hole and sits approximately one to two inches below the bottom of the Chest Armor.

Three small vents either side of the 051st. Under Suit Black non-textured material, either one-piece or two-piece construction with no visible zippers or logos. Abdomen armor follows the contour of the bottom of the Chest Armor until it comes level with the ry of the Codpiece, then is cut at ninety degrees just before it curves around at sides see picture. Forearm Armor Armor is painted camo-tan. Tubular in shape, with the same circumference from top to bottom.


Charge magazine clip on left side. Chest Armor Armor is painted camo-green. Why did they have to include a yoda in there! On the strap, positioned in front of the chest, is a round silver landmine. This was done by ramjarjamjar also as sort of a protest tt the scale of TLG’s model.

Although mine were et a few years back Really like what you did to the original set. Strap wraps all the way around the thigh.