May 29th, Side loading is the side load placed on the piston as the crank throw comes around and drives the piston skyward, yet right into the cylinder wall. All you need to know is bore and stroke, then follow this simple formula. I did not right down his name but he advised me that long block has not come out yet but will shortly. And it can be driven every day.

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I have quite abit of hands on with and stroker fords. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. The block that is in it now is solid, out of a mid 80’s mustang, but the rest of the motor is junk.

We need to keep in mind that a Mustang will weigh lbs lighter than an F-body a Fox body mustang gt weighs about and a lx coupe only weighs about It is very very hard to make a Ford a street car and be able to run 11’s It will just take time.

There is a increased side load on the skirts of the piston but very minimal and you should get miles on miles out of a if you can keep your foot out of it every time you drive it and even then its more than reliable. Suffice it to say that torque originates at pistons and rods, ultimately having an effect on radial oscillations around the crank’s centerline.


You want journals with good load distribution across the face and fillet radii. I’m asking for suggestions on either a good crate engine that we can purchase vs.

Stroker on Daily Driver –

The is the best choice for high rpms and power adders. The build process has improved since the was created and some of issues that were discovered early on have been resolved now. This is a dynamic you must be aware of in the planning stages, then confirm physically during dailt.

Aug 14, 2 48 31 ky. They tend to use lesser grade parts but may be OK – I just don’t have any experience with them. Old Thread Starter. I thought we all had you convinced to get new heads!!! Daiky More Posts by callmecobra. This means a horse can produce more than horsepower under optimum conditions.

Options Quote message in reply? You must log in or register to reply here. There are cubed fords running 6. I dont think the guy knew saily he was talking about. I know as mine dynoed Hp and TQ with that combo with the older Outlaw heads.


The tech at Ford said the same thing about the magazine articles that bashing the motor. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Help On A Build As I said, the has a shorter stroke than many factory motors and the non-sense about force applied on the piston skirts is simply wrong. I believe in art when it is not seen.

Burns gas and rubber! My has low mileage but it has been sitting a while.

What do you think about 331-347 stroker fords?

He wants to make good power, take it to the track a few times a year, and have it as a daily driver. But i’m also pretty sure that CHP which is also Probe builds the, ‘s for ford, just with different tolerances and stoker different parts.

I did however do all the machine work myself at school.