Open the catalog to page 5. The tool which is often used for this function is the Scott-wound transformer. General info Description Specification Downloads. Example trade name Nikrothal. There are many installations which have been running without problems for years which do not employ a delta. Customer support Technical helpdesk.

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Scott-Wound transformers These are applications, including two-zone furnaces and salt baths where, for supply reasons, energy for only two zones is taken equally as near as possible from the three phases of the supply.

Join us on Facebook. General info Description Specification Downloads. Read our latest case studies eudotherm Successes. If in difficulty, the designer would be well advised to seek expert assistance from manufacturers with considerable applications experience. Thus inrush currents can be minimised whilst the benefits of burst firing control are realised. Join us on Facebook.

Open the catalog to page Let us look after your power control for you and give you the peace of mind that you have the best for your process – even as it changes. In all transformer applications of thyristors, it should be remembered that the transformer is essentially a 50Hz device – it is indeed a very good 50Hz. General Transformers are frequently used in electrical energy applications for one of three purposes: This reactive power has to be considered as power loss as it is not contributing to the energy the system is capable of adding to the glass melt.

On every level it brings you the flexibility you need to best meet your requirements now and in the future.


EPowerâ„¢ Controller

Standard Resistive Complex Resistive Inductive e. With those transformers the power could only be controlled in several fixed and predefined steps and in many of these applications the transformers primary high voltage had to be switched off before the secondary taps could be switched.

Find out about our solutions for:. Open the catalog to page 4. It can be advantageous and cost effective to mount a thyristor unit in the primary circuit of a transformer.

Thyristors and Transformers

Hhyristor benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications Download here. With eurohterm to multiple boosting electrodes zones, running controllable power on each pair of electrodes makes the whole boosting system more flexible and avoids hot spots, especially in so called barrier boosting zones, in which multiple electrodes are lined up to improve fining by energizing the glass flow loops see Figures 11 and A stepless transformer converts eurogherm high line voltage directly down to the boosting electrode at a maximum of Vac container glass erotherm.

The tool which is often used for this function is the Scott-wound transformer. The driver module itself supports options boards to give you additional flexibility in your solution: The main disadvantage is that the slide-wires are subject to wear, especially in those applications where they are used to control constantly incoming line fluctuations or the boosting system is used to control the glass temperature.

Figure 5 That can only be achieved by using a two transformer design and by putting the second transformer as close as possible to the boosting electrodes Figures 6 and 7.


Smart thyristor control for electric boost

Designers are still required to exercise considerable caution when working with loads which are other than purely resistive, however, as experience of control using burst firing techniques in the primary of transformers is still limited. The main advantages of SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier controlled systems are of course that they are based on solid-state technology and will show no signs of wear, that they are continuously controllable and that they are capable of very precise power, voltage or current control.

Trade name for latter is Kanthal Super.

These sub systems can be fully standardized and will always and at every site use the same intermediary voltage supplied by the high voltage step down transformer which eurothsrm the whole boosting system to the incoming line voltage. Thyristot distance between the transformer and the furnace is therefore relatively long. The problem is what whilst the circuit is switched off as current falls to zero, it is switched on as voltage rises from zero.

To achieve a reduction of the supply voltage at the load iii. Eurotherm offer an on-site advisory service in the choice of suitable thyristors. There are one or two additional considerations occasioned by the interaction of three phases.

There are two easy ways to avoid difficulty.