Technical specification Description Details Label width 25,4 mm — mm incl. If the label material is nearly empty the sensor gives an signal. Only used when an applicator is necessary. Hang document material in reel holder in a way to ensure unwinding that label in the printer section is on the top. System Parameter Here some general settings are defined.

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This is the basic adjustment of the dispense process. Cleaning Of Foil Guiding Parts In most cases those parameters can be scanned during automatic initialisation. Power-fail message The message STO! Page of Go.

Applicator connector, Alx | Avery Dennison ALX User Manual | Page /

Preparing The Machine Dispenser adjustment The touch panel keys or the optional interface can change labeller parameters. Operators Manual ALX 9. When the keys have different meanings, it will be explained in the relevant menu description.

On quitting this menu the current parameter settings are stored in memory. The last entered 72 are the actual ones the machine works with. Adjust Pressure Of Print Head Page Operators Manual ALX Application specification The labeller is designed and built for automatic apply of self-adhesive labels.


When inserting the material the pressure roller has to be opened. Call Of Program Version The feed roller and the friction rollers are also to be cleaning from time to time.

3 plug board, Plug board, Alx 720 – Avery Dennison ALX 720 User Manual

New Start Of Printer It defines for how long the label is blown onto the product. Don’t show me this message again.

The values are not stored and will be lost when turning off power. Interface Commands Operators Manual ALX Factory interface deactivated, at reactivation the parameters will be set to 8 data bits, 2 stop bits and no parity bit. Changing the value for POS changes the applied label position on the product. A warning message and an output signal inform the personal that in the next time averry material has to be changed. Available only with applicator.


All parameters will be reset, so please note all your adjustments before. For the left hand version all explanations have to be mirrored.


Except for the drive roller and the material brush the has no wearing parts. The operator panel is described in the next chapter.

The product conveyor speed has to be constant to assure accurate labelling. Turn off power and on again.

Don’t have an account? Extended Standard Menu Defining Label Data Abrasive behaviour of the surface structure Properties with respect to chemical reaction on print-colour transfer Temperature required for colour- transfer If the material is extremely abrasive, the print head is faster worn as usual. Connections And Signals Operators Manual ALX Stop position of the label at the dispensing edge.