My dad actually did the unboxing when I was away, so I have no idea how everything was put together. Oh wait, it has gloss surface, hmm what does that mean? Tried called the MCMC and several department also no help. Hi Mr John, I forgot my windows password then how should I to reset the password? Community Experts online right now. What does it mean when you have a orange dot on the wireless button of an hp notebook pc? Can I know it can warranty or not?

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If not you can bring your laptop to service center so if it is under warranty they will replace it. Just remember to buy the 2. The label ,alaysia windows 7. And also do DDR2 have a aeroate ram because from what I know the highest is only 2gb ram. I already tried the 2GB. I was checking my fb when suddenly it turned off. You dont have to unplug your modem, all you have to do is connect the modem to your router as the router would get a connection from your modem so that you could use your notebook for wireless connectionit is also best to call your router manufacturer for assistance on how to properly setup your router.


1 Malaysia Netbook

But you can determine it whether a hardware failure or just your power supply. It should be ok after that.

aerogae I Malaysia netbook it ok if you really used it with care,but my netbook I used to play game seems to got problem recently. I have the 1 malaysia netbook and i cant use it. Then netbook is introduced as a light weight, low power and wallet friendly laptop which focuses on web-based activities. No don’t try to format firsti think that 1 malaysia netbook has mapaysia windows image store inside a hidden partitionjust the recovery utility can’t be accessso to access to imageuse a windows 7 DVD.

Check the spec of the netbook. Thread closed to avoid further spamming. This site is best viewed while logged in.

My review unit comes without any password on the BIOS. It does not make sense. Hey, thanks for the insights and review on the one malaysia netbook, overall I would say that the comments are pretty unbiased should have seen other technology websites that review thousands of gadgets. The keyboard some how got problem where its start typing bbbbb without end.

Keyboard is just ok. I pressed this button by accident. Community Experts online right now.

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Can this notebook support it? Maybe your sister just borrowed a phone from a friend or someone, try contacting all her friends.


I got back the netbook after 3 weeks… Well, that just shows how inconsistent their service is.

No more smooth swiping, what not, did you see all those fingerprints on it? Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

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AeroGATE H-S30 Drivers

My dad actually did the unboxing when I was away, so I have no idea how everything was put together. Jun 5 I would suggest you to perform a startup repair using a Windows 7 installation disc. Top Solutions Try a search for wireless you may be able to turn on that way This netbook was distributed along with the presence of news media.

The layout used is Americanized-ISO layout. If we talk about the heat-age, this netbook generate a lot of heat, so you unable to take it in hand during work. The reality is I got the netbook but cannot switch on since day 1.